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Bringing Talent into the South West

Bringing Talent into the South West

Posted: 32 weeks agoBy: Shaun Rudden
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Can you believe that it’s almost mid-February already? 2018 is in full swing with what seems to be the blink of an eye. All those well-intended resolutions and month-long sobrieties are now a distant memory and the first daffodils are starting to eek up through the soil.
For us at Aptus, February means planning our new initiatives for the year (January is generally one of the busiest months in our industry, so it makes sense to start these things a few weeks later).
After reflecting on our inaugural Aptus Guide campaigns in 2017, we’ve found that there was a lot of interest generated from people across the UK looking for information on the digital and creative sectors in the South West. 
Coupled with this, we were also testing the water with an idea towards the latter end of last year. We proactively reached out to skilled candidates in other parts of the country and sold the dream of moving to the South West. The response thus far has been positive and already this year, we’ve brought two people into digital and creative roles in the region.
With the initial experiment being so encouraging, we now want to expand this into a challenge: let’s bring 20 skilled digital and creative employees into the South West in ’18 – or just #20in18, if you like!
Now, it goes without saying that we’ll always look to promote local talent in the first instance, and we’re working on forging links with the local colleges and universities to address the long-term issues.
However, the supposed ‘lack of talent’ is seemingly on the tip of every digital and creative employer’s tongue in the area. It’s also a frequent topic at the Thought L@B meet ups, and the recent Tech South West survey highlighted a shortage of talent as being one of the top issues facing the region this year.
The #20in18 campaign is simply our contribution to addressing short-term digital and creative talent issues in the South West.
If you’re a digital and creative employer in the South West and you want more information on the #20in18 campaign and how it works, then contact Shaun on 07736 465384 or