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MURPHYS LAW: The West Country, more than a lifestyle destination

MURPHYS LAW: The West Country, more than a lifestyle destination

Posted: 1 year agoBy: Tom Murphy
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So the story goes: you have creative flair or a logical mindset; you finish college and maybe go to university to do a marketing degree, a design diploma or a computer science course.

You’re passionate your own sector, and believe you must go to a big city to gain a proper career within a creative agency or digital team. So you leave your family and friends in the West Country to follow your vocation in the big smoke.


It's exciting as you realise your dreams of progressing your career, establishing yourself as a true professional in the digital or creative sectors. Your job prospects couldn't be better, yet you miss the life you had at home with your family and friends. If only you could have a similar career path back in the West Country, things would be even better.


Then one day you see a number of social media posts and articles mentioning the Aptus Guide. What is the Aptus Guide and why did this grab your attention?

A tweet noted that the guide showcases employers in Devon, Somerset and Cornwall – companies which have fantastic career opportunities that are only typically available in the major cities. You then read an article and you're amazed to learn about the hordes of businesses in the West Country that employ digital and creative staff – many offering similar opportunities to further your career than those in London, Birmingham, Manchester, or Bristol. Wow!

So you log on to to download your free copy of the Aptus Guide. You take in the employment trends that it illustrates in the West Country over the past 12 months. You digest the insightful information regarding salaries, progression opportunities, as well as company cultures and benefits.


You realise that there is a diversity of careers available within a broad range of employers right here in the West Country, and that as it’s all on your doorstep, you didn't have to move after all.

You then return to the area to continue your career and in turn, you’ve encouraged others to remain here. People from further afield then hear about the great things going on. In time, the already blossoming digital and creative sectors are booming with a mix of inspiring enterprises and exciting start-ups.

Anything is possible. Start planning your digital or creative career in the South West now by downloading the Aptus Guide.

To download your free copy of the guide click here