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Tips For Finding Your Ideal Job (Part Five)

Tips For Finding Your Ideal Job (Part Five)

Posted: 2 years agoBy: Shaun Rudden
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Well done – you’ve made it to the final chapter. Hopefully, the series thus far has helped you to reassess your motivations for finding a new job, self-analyse your skills and requirements, and has given you tips on how to effectively update your CV and write job applications.

The last step to finding your new job is networking – a doddle to some, but the worst nightmare for others.

A good place to start is with recruitment consultancies.  Yes, we would say that, being a recruitment consultancy and all. However, a good recruiter will be able to discuss, reassess and challenge you to ensure that your expectations are realistic, and that you’re focusing your attention in the right area.

The chances are that if you’ve uploaded your CV to an online portal, then recruiters will generally find you. This shouldn’t deter you from proactively contacting consultancies, although you don’t want to oversaturate yourself in the current market, as it’s generally buoyant enough to only partner with a select few. The question is which are the right ones for you?

Obviously, online research into which companies are most active in your industry and location should help to whittle this down. It could be at this point that you’re deciding between smaller independent consultancies and the larger high street agencies – there are pros and cons to using both, but it could all come down to the individual consultant. Perhaps call a few and decide from there?

Once you’ve registered with recruiters, that opens another door to potential opportunities, but don’t stop there. If you’ve been researching your ideal job, then the chances are you’ll come across some companies that particularly appeal. Use social media, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, to connect and gain insights.

From there, you could find that the particular company are hosting or attending an event and here’s where the networking possibilities grow tenfold. Obviously, you want to play it cool, but having the opportunity to speak with an influential employee is the perfect way to determine whether this is the right company for you. It could also help you to understand what opportunities there may be, and who is the best person to get your CV in front of.

Finding industry relevant events through is another way to schmooze with likeminded folk, and further ascertain what prospects there may be. Immersing yourself in the world will certainly open doors, even if it doesn’t lead to any immediate opportunities.

And this is where persistency comes into it. Not just on the networking aspect, but for your search in general.

While it may be easier said than done, staying positive is pivotal to your job search. You may receive a few rejections before making any headway. Or it could be a lot of rejections. Either way, keep your head up and carry on.

Record and monitor your activity in a spreadsheet, or notes on your phone, or even on a piece of paper.

Don’t be afraid to chase for a response or even to ask for feedback if you’re unsuccessful – you might not get anything overly constructive, but it’s worth enquiring. Consult with recruiters about your applications too as they might be able to offer alternative opinions and advice. Use whatever responses you receive to tweak your CV accordingly.

The main thing to understand is that it might not work first time around, but if you’re utilising your previous activity in a constructive manner, then it surely will happen at some point!

Has this guide been helpful? Do you have any further queries? Please let us know in the comments section below, or give us a call on 01392 357539.

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